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100% Crowdloan & Pledge rewards distributed!


The Vision

Totem is building the world's first peer-to-peer accounting consensus protocol. It’s not just a first in the blockchain space – it’s a first in the accounting world too.

We use the peer-2-peer connectivity and real-time consensus properties of blockchains to ensure that all parties to a transaction have their accounting records updated at the time of the event in a way that leaves no room for fraud, corruption or manipulation. The global nature of the network defies politically motivated bad actors from restricting trade between consenting parties whilst preserving goals of personal and business privacy.

As a side-effect you'll be excited to learn that Totem also takes accounting off the todo list for everyone.

Automated book-keeping for a decentralized future

Our main target market is the ever-expanding decentralized economy. As businesses employ less, and contract freelancers more, we are all moving towards a future where our accounting will be at the atomic level of our own Identities.

We are looking towards a future where we only need to share a Totem Identity, and all the book-keeping will be taken care of, automatically, silently and without an accountant in sight.

This is the way future generations will want accounting to be done. This is the way it is done today in Totem.


Introducing Totem Live Accounting
Date: April 2019
Presenter: Chris D'Costa - Founder
Event: Sub0 Conference
Location: Berlin
Innovating Blockchain-Based Accounting with Totem
Date: December 2019
Presenter: Joe Petrowski - Parity
Event: Relay Chain Podcast
Location: Online
Built with Substrate: Totem Live Accounting, Interview with Chris D’Costa
Date: April 2019
Presenter: Chris D'Costa - Founder
Event: Sub0 Conference
Location: Berlin
The Future of Accounting
Date: April 2021
Presenter: Chris D'Costa - Founder
Event: Crypto Current Podcast
Location: Online
Crypto needs a decentralized daily reference rate
Date: June 2021
Author: Chris D'Costa - Founder
Publication: Cointelegraph
Location: Online
How Blockchain Can Unleash An Accounting Renaissance
Date: April 2021
Author: Chris D'Costa - Founder
Publication: International Business
Behind the Idea: Totem Accounting
Date: July 2021
Author: Polly Jean Harrison
Publication: The Fintech Times
Location: Online
Totem Live - Substrate Seminar
Date: March 2020
Presenter: Chris D'Costa - Founder
Event: Substrate Seminar
Location: Online



Theoretical & technical research. Original Whitepaper published and reviewed by Prof. Emin Gün Sirer.


Evaluation blockchain L1 protocols against Totem’s requirements. Selected Substrate & Polkadot for build. Proof of Concept completed Dec 2018.


Launched the Totem Meccano CanaryNet on Substrate v1 in April.

Major engineering & development.

Totem Meccano UI, p2p messaging, faucet, BONSAI decentralised off-chain storage, Activities, Teams, Timekeeping, Archiving.


Continued major engineering & development.

Accounting Engine, intrinsic Chart of Accounts, Totem Economics, Orders, Prefunding with escrow account, Invoicing, Archiving & more.


Continued major engineering & development. Migration to Polkadot Substrate v4 Frame 2. Preparation for Polkadot Parachains and Mainnet.

Chainlink price feed integration and partnership. Polkadot, Bitcoin and Ethereum integration with microservices, Crowdloan preparation.


Launch Totem KAPEX Parachain and Crowdloan.

Completion of beta roadmap and milestones, grow the team and community. Product launch, end-user adoption.


Total World Domination.


Our Totem Live Accounting community is growing daily, so why not join us as well? Whether you are an investor, developer, or user, there is a way to reach out and get involved. Checkout our channels.

Our Totem Live Accounting community is growing daily, so why not join us as well? Whether you are an investor, developer, or user, there is a way to reach out and get involved. Checkout our channels.

Totem Network Stack

Polkadot Crowdloan

The Totem Team are excited to announce our Polkadot Parachain Crowdloan! Your contributions will enable Totem achieve our major milestone to connect our Totem Kapex Parachain the Polkadot Network.

But that's not all... you can earn a contrbution bonus by taking part in our unique Pledge to fund the expansion of the current team and to accelerate towards the full beta product launch expected in 2022.

100% Crowdloan & Pledge rewards distributed!

Token Supply & Distribution

We have deliberately kept the Kapex Parachain initial coin supply low at 2,581,818 KAPEX coins of which 55% will be distributed to contributors in the Crowdloan and Pledge. Additionally we have set a maximum total contribution of 7,445,000 DOT to our Crowdloan and Pledge.

There is no vesting period for initial distribution and our calculations show that this will provide the best balance of price discovery and incentives for our community.

A more detailed breakdown and simulations can be found in our documentation. Check it out now!

The Pledge - Use of Funds

Implicit in the Pledge funding is the growth of the Totem Team and promotion of our application to mainstream users. The majority of our development funding will come from your contributions in the Pledge with additional funding via grants from the Live Accounting Association.

We will be looking to engage and employ community members and experts from outside of the community to reach these goals including adoption marketing and operational activities including engaging with validators on the network. To be fair to the community we are capping the Pledge contributions at 31.25% of Crowdloan Hard Cap.

If you think you have something to offer, from community management to creative marketing, or any form of engineering or administrative skills please get in touch!


Chris D'Costa
Runtime and UI Developer
Project Lead
Toufiqur R Chowdhury
UI & NodeJS Developer
Frontend Lead
Felix Daudré-Vignier
Senior Rust Developer
Miro Svetlik
Michelle Leech
Head of Marketing and Communication
Ashik Mahmud
Software Tester


Luca Merolla
Managing Partner - Guru Capital SA
Mike Tivey
Partner at EP Group
Stephen Packer
CFO - Equagroup
Aeon C
International Tax Accountant
Ed Thomson
Ex-Web3 Foundation Community & Grants Manager
Cheyenne Krishan
Consultant - Press Relations

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