Global • Interconnected • Real-time
Accounting Ledger

True innovation, is the rarest of things.

Imagine a world where accounting and reconciliation are always perfect and where ERP software is obsolete. Imagine a world where value is measured, not estimated, and where Forex headwinds are mitigated at the flick of a switch. Imagine a world with no IT licence fees, no maintenance contracts and zero downtime.

If you think this is a world away. Think again.

Welcome to the world of Totem • Live AccountingDiscovery is the difference between what is literally obvious, and what is obvious in hindsight. - Paul Graham

  • It's like magic

    In the very near future Totem will change the way you account for everything. Every purchase from a taxi-ride, to new furniture, to raw materials will magically appear in your accounts without having to carry out any manual entry or reconciliation.


    Our aim is to replace accounting software within
    10 years with our free-to-join real-time global accounting ledger. With Totem • Live Accounting your accounts are always 100% accurate, 100% compliant, 100% maintenance free.

    For Everyone

    Our global network knows no boundaries. As soon as you connect, with zero configuration you have a fully-featured accounting ledger at your fingertips. With that out of the way, nothing is stopping you from creating the startup of your dreams.

Your journey to the future of accounting starts here.